Announcing Conrad Louw as chairman of the Vitis Vinifera Awards

As general manager for a big multinational pharmaceutical company, Conrad Louw had the opportunity to travel extensively. While traveling his interest in wine grew. He graduated as a Cape Wine Master in 2013.

Conrad Louw is a previous Chairman of the Institute of Cape Wine Masters, a regular wine judge, lecturer at the Cape Wine Academy, and he is doing regular tutored tastings.

“The level of judges who participate in the Vitis Vinifera Wine Awards are some of the best qualified and experienced tasters in the industry. They all have the best credentials and track records, making awards at Vitis Vinifera Wine Awards truly credible.”

Conrad Louw - Vits Vinifera Chairperson, 2022

“When consumers go to wine sections in liquor stores, they are met by a ‘sea’ of different bottles to choose. The Vitis Vinifera Award is there to assist and support wine-loving consumers to select quality-approved products, thus consumers can opt for those products awarded a Vitis Vinifera decal.”

Conrad Louw - Vits Vinifera Chairperson, 2022