Pristine Spring Water

Comes to you from deep within the Natal Midlands

The panel of judges of Vitis Vinifera Awards needs the purist-tasting water that does not detract from the enormous task at hand, so partnering with Pristine Spring Water was the natural way to go.

Avondale Farm in the Midlands – the source of Pristine Spring Water

The delicately balanced mineral composition ensures a refreshing and revitalising taste experience. The well-balanced group of minerals in Pristine Water is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works its way through varying geological rocks and minerals to an underground and well-protected source. Pristine Spring Water is then collected directly from the underground formation and bottled with all the purity sealed in.

This source took three and a half years to find to ensure the excellent taste and great combination of minerals. The company has been bottling from this source for approximately 12 years.

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Head Office:

23 Tracy Watts Road

Fields Hill


Lisa – 079 890 4508